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  Rich has been in the metal working trade since 1981. He was the 4th generation in the family machine shop business and spent 24 years there.

  In his time with the family business, he has run manual mills and lathes, cnc machines, cnc programming, CADD design and manufacturing engineering, welding and fabricating most materials, has had ASME welding certifications and a very diverse mechanical learning experience. He started his part time welding business in 1998 and has put most of the income into tools and equipment. He has GMAW, GTAW and SMAW welding equipment for all materials, homemade pnuematic forging hammer and forge, forging related tools and anvils, material cutting equipment as well as all the other needed tools and equipment.

  He has a full time machining job and likes the type of ironwork and welding jobs that can tolerate his full time job commitment. Rich also has some very experienced associates to assist him with larger, time consuming projects. McClure Ironworks is very creative, hardworking and dedicated to please it's clients.